Modeling of Hybrid STATCOM in PSSE

University essay from KTH/Elkraftteknik

Abstract: Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS) have the ability of voltage supportand increase transmission capacity. In order to specify a FACTS devicethat is performing according to expectations in a network, a set of studiesand network analyses must be performed. Part of these studies are done usingpower system analysis programs such as PSS®E, which is a planning toolsimulating large power systems in phasor domain using RMS values. Theseplanning tools are used for evaluating stability and reinforcement needs ina power system. The results play a vital role in investment decisions inthe power system. FACTS devices are modeled in PSS®E using a programminglanguage called FORTRAN. It is important to model FACTS devicesaccurately to avoid misleading results. In this Master thesis, STATCOMand Hybrid-STATCOM models are proposed and programmed accordingto ABB’s control strategy. The models are tested in PSS®E and verifiedagainst detailed models in PSCAD. Also, the models are compared againstother industry wide spread generic models.

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