Geometry-dependence of the adhesive strength of biomimetic, micropatterned surfaces

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Mekanik


Pressure sensitive adhesive surfaces are often inspired by nature. Miming the toe-surface of gecko, engineered surfaces made of thousands of micro-pillars show promising adhesive properties. This surfaces, covered with cylindrical pillars arranged into a pattern have adhesive properties greatly dependent on the geometrical characteristics. In this thesis, have been studied successively two models of micro-patterned surfaces, one two-dimensional, the other in three-dimensional using a FEM tool. Varying geometry parameters, has been determined optimal geometries to improve adhesive strength on these biomimetic, micropatterned surfaces. This study concludes to the non-adaptability of one-level scale micropatterned surface to large area of adhesion, to the strong advantage from the point of adhesion per contact area for high aspect ratio at each level of the geometry and study the opportunity of hierarchical structures. Some further suggestions of improvements to adhesion properties are discussed in the final chapter.

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