A frame of user interface design requirements for usability and improved consumer behaviors in social commerce

University essay from Jönköping University/Internationella Handelshögskolan

Abstract: User interface usability in social commerce is an important theme today because many businesses are evolving with use of social media in order to easily reach larger markets.  The study was based on the fact that online shoppers and their purchase success depend to the great extent  they can interact with the interface(usability). Therefore, it is important for companies to attend to the users' online consumer purchase behavior. The purpose of the study is to discuss which interface design requirements can enhance usability that can improve consumer behavior in social commerce. The methodology of social constructionist paradigm, a deductive research approach with investigation from multiple exploratory cases was used. For extension of knowledge about the topic both secondary and primary data with interviews was followed. The findings show that the social commerce companies are still facing some challenges because they still lack some of the suggested requirements which hinders the usability of their interfaces. Moreover, they believe that some requirements are not be as important as others. The companies can use these findings to apply and harmonize this frame of requirements into their user interfaces in order to achieve usability that promotes consumer behaviors since they can now realize that the few requirement they never attend to limits the usability of their websites.

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