Design and Implementation of a WEB-based Tourism Information Management System: Travel-SYS

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Zhang Shuo; [2012]

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As tourism has become one of the most promising industries in the world, tourism information management systems have become increasingly popular. People are more and more dependent on such systems nowadays. The systems themselves have evolved, from being systems in which the users can only accept information passively, to systems which aim to integrate the users as an important part of the system. The users can be information providers as well, i.e. share what they have learned from their travel. The aim is to build an open, unified standard, and a well-functioning platform for all users. This project follows the software development process, i.e. requirement collection, system design, detailed design, database design and finally implementation and testing.The UML language is used to model the system, and for analysis of the functional and the non-functional requirements. Moreover, the project uses the .NET framework, C# language and the SQL Server 2005 DBMS to implement the web based tourisminformation management system. The system includes an information sharing platform, which allows sharing of user experiences for all users. In addition, the system employs a two-dimensional user management model, which allows not only authority management but also management of the scope of the user's authority.

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