Abbey Hotel of Jumièges

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur

Author: Yuheng Chen; [2021]

Keywords: ruin; hotel; renovation; Jumièges; resort; residences; France.;

Abstract: The project is about time and hierarchy, it’s a time vortex and a privileged paradise. The project is based on the ruin of abbey Jumièges, Normandy, France. The abbey has kept being destroyed and rebuilt during the past millennium and the architectural style is always changing through the time. Hierarchy was created within this privileged paradise. The hotel has swallowed the entire ruin and all the history, strategies, like mixing & misusing of programs and collisions with history are applied to it. I’m always interested in the introversion of architecture, a desire of being narcissism and vulnerable and the meaning of hierarchy. This project can be read as a terminal of privilege, and model of aggressive arrogant but reasonable attitude towards the history. It makes me contemplating the relations between negativism and hedonism and society.

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