Optimizing Porosity Predictions in Casting Simulation

University essay from KTH/Materialvetenskap

Author: Sanna Kylström; [2022]

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Abstract: Porosity is a defect severely affecting component quality and performance. In order to improve predictions, simulations can be utilized to calculate possible initiation sites. The purpose is to increase the reliability of these predictions by adjusting settings in the software MAGMASOFT® to resemble the collected porosity data from Scania’s classic foundry. To obtain porosity is very uncommon at Scania, where the thesis focuses on the few cases that receives this defect in order to make it even more rarely occurring. Two engine components will be entered in the simulation to make their porosity resemble reality. A parameter investigation will be conducted to understand the porosity behaviour depending on the inserted parameters. By parting up the simulation of the engine components into three stages, the parameters are changed to acquire improved resemblance with reality, although more simulations are needed to perfect it further. A recommendation of method is made to enable optimization of simulation settings for future components. The simulation parameter investigation reveals porosity behaviour along with a sink formation that disturbs the results.

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