Glanceability in Vehicle Head-Up Displays

University essay from Malmö universitet/Kultur och samhälle

Abstract: The purpose of this thesis is to explore glanceability in a vehicle Heads-Up Display, with a focus on what factors should be considered in order to design for glanceability. The project has been conducted in cooperation with Uniti and Jayway, with the intended outcome to increase the knowledge about how to design glanceable vehicle Heads-Up displays. Through literature research and user-centered approaches, a low-fidelity prototype was created. From usability testing the low-fidelity prototype, knowledge was gained about needs, opportunities, problems, and observations, which was used in order to create a medium-fidelity prototype in a Virtual Reality setting. Usability tests were conducted on the medium-fidelity prototype, and the results were used in order to draw conclusions about what are the most important factors to consider when designing for a glanceable experience in a HUD. Significant factors were identified as the need for customisation in the HUD, auditory feedback, as well as relevance and amount of information presented to the user.

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