User Experience Design in an Axis Camera Setup Interface

University essay from Lunds universitet/Ergonomi och aerosolteknologi

Abstract: In a world where the UX-standard is rising from the use of well-developed everyday products, better UX Design is becoming more and more expected of all products within the IT-industry. It can not only be argued that an investment in UX Design is critical for the future position on the surveillance camera industry, but also required to meet requirements of the non-experts installing the camera. UX Design could be also be an economical profit as it will lower the need of support and education, while also increasing sales through branding. We have created an installation wizard through several iterations. With a thorough background study we have learned how to use established UX Design methods, like for example usability testing, to the fullest. These iterations have created a total of four design prototypes where every step of the wizard has been designed by paper, evolved to a mid fidelity Balsamiq Mockups prototype and through the process become a mature and clickable high fidelity prototype. The prototypes have been made using established design rules, latest design trends and Axis Communications’ new graphic identity. With instant feedback, minimalistic design, less technical terms, smart guessing and automated settings we created a more efficient way to install an Axis camera while also encouraging the user to make changes to and explore settings.

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