CHARM Transformation : A case study on change and release management Catella Bank

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Abstract: The purpose of the thesis is to conduct a case study for investigating change and release management at Catella Bank, within the context of IT Service Management (ITSM), by measuring and to provide suggestions for improvements. Incident and operations management is included to enhance the understanding of the historical performance at Catella. The case study is set out to answer the following research questions: 1. “How does a transition in change management structure impact the performance of successfully delivering both changes and releases of IT services at a financial institution?” 2. “What are the causes of delays in the delivering changes and releases?” 3. “How does stakeholder involvement alter the performance of implementing a successful change and release?” 4. “How do Information Technology, and the corresponding departments manage and control necessary changes and releases of software at present?” Research methodology utilized in the thesis includes both qualitative and quantitative research, including interviews, participation in meetings and empirical investigation of internal material at Catella. The result from the research has provided a significant collection of issues, as well as suggested solutions for Catella to take to improve organizational maturity in enhancing the capabilities in performing work related to the four managerial disciplines within ITSM. The research culminated in the creation of the CHARM (CHange And Release Management) model, which consists of integrating change and release management into project management, split between three different components for the three organizational levels. The author has created the following components: Strategy matrix, a governance model, and a process model.

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