International Protection of Children Education During Armed Conflicts and the International Community Response (A Case Study of Syria)

University essay from Malmö universitet/Kultur och samhälle

Abstract: This research critically examines the international protection of children education during the Syrian armed conflict since 2011. It identifies the reasons behind the failure of the international community in providing the necessary protection and its impacts on the Syrian children education. It analyzes the legal protection available to children education in situations of armed conflict in accordance with the international law. In order to evaluate the reluctance of the international community humanitarian intervention under the principle of Responsibility to Protect, this research used the textual analysis method and the realism and liberalism theories. Altogether, during the eight years of the ongoing Syrian conflict, children right to education have been violated throughout Syria, and millions have been out of schools, and many are at high risk to dropout. The research concludes that the vetoes in the Security Council and political and economic considerations among the superpowers have overcome the legal protection.

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