The Startup of a Strong Brand - An investigation of brand identity evolution in early-stage startups operating in Sweden

University essay from Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: The purpose of this dissertation was to study the brand identity evolvement in a startup context. The CBIM framework by Urde (2013) was implemented in the research, in order to understand different elements affecting the process in the creation of a brand identity. The framework includes both an internal –and external perspective. The reputational elements were excluded because the brand image perspective is not in relevance of this research, as it focuses on early-stage startups in the phases of developing and implementing. To fulfill the purpose of this dissertation, the methodological approach is a multiple case-study. Thus, the data collection consists of eight interviews with founders of early-stage startups, for the investigation in the case of brand identity evolution. The findings have shown interconnections between the elements included in the CBIM framework. These interconnections are further analyzed in the discussion, with elaboration of context-specific factors in each element, which have an impact on the sequences of the brand identity evolution. In the conclusion, an output model is presented that applies the elements from CBIM framework in two main phases: development and implementation. This will illustrate the evolution of a brand identity in a startup context lead up the context-specific factors. The research contributes to theory in terms of a new framework. The new model provides a deeper knowledge and understanding for how relevant elements affect the brand identity evolvement in a startup context. Moreover, the research provides entrepreneurs with context-specific factors, which indicate how the brand identity can be evolved from an early stage, despite limited resources, in order to build a competitive brand.

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