Evaluating the user experience of a learning management system : – to improve usability

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Author: Johanna Gerhardsen; [2023]

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Abstract: This master’s thesis evaluates the usability of an internal learning management system (LMS) in cooperation with the industrial organization Atlas Copco. As e-learning gains increasing prominence as a central tool for competence development within organizations, the seamless usability of LMSs plays a vital role in enhancing the employee experience.  The evaluation of the LMS involved employing multiple human-computer interaction (HCI) methods, including user testing, interviews, and a questionnaire. A total of 20 Atlas Copco employees participated in the questionnaire, with two of them further engaging in semi-structured interviews. In addition, six inexperienced non-employees took part in user testing activities.  The results obtained were triangulated to shed light on several dimensions of usability issues, such as the success rate distribution, error frequencies, time-based efficiency, mouse clicks per task, and subjective satisfaction assessed through the SUS scale. These find- ings were used as a basis for the creation of a list of recommendations on how to enhance the usability of the LMS. Ultimately, this thesis contributes to the e-learning landscape by providing insights into the usability challenges faced by users interacting with the orga- nization’s LMS and offering recommendations for improving the user experience of the platform. 

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