Communitycenter in Gottsunda

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur

Abstract: The building of a communitycentre in Gottsunda is part of an uppgrade of the suburb. A main feature of the upgrade will be a city street along the tramway that will run through the area.To give the old and the new inhabitants of the area a chance to meet and form a local identity, the focus of the house will be accessibility and flexibility. The main functions are all situated at ground level. The core of the project is the possibility to link the the different premises to larger continous spatial entitys for bigger events, and still being able to maintain the integrity and function of each premise.The buildingmaterials are PM-wood and glulam to avoid the bigger climatic impact of for example concrete. That the building is modifiable and open to many areas of use and activities will hopefully give it a long life, and avoid the climatic impact of further new building.

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