Success Factors for Thin Clients : – Means to Increase Sales on the Swedish Market

University essay from KTH/Industriell produktion

Author: Henrik Litsander; Georg Wingstrand; [2010]

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Abstract: Thin clients are a part of a computer network technology based on the idea that the data is stored and processed on central servers, so-called server-based IT. When a minimum of operations is performed on the user’s local unit, specially designed thin client hardware can be used to replace the regular personal computers in the network.Thin client technology in its present form had a breakthrough in the late 1990's. However, the thin client market has not been growing as much as expected in the last ten years, despite the rationalising and cost saving features of the technology. The purpose of this thesis is to investigate how the principal, Wyse Technology, can act to increase sales of thin clients on the Swedish market. In doing this, this paper focuses on the arguments that are central in the purchasing decisions in one of Wyse's biggest market segments in Sweden, the municipalities.Interviews and questionnaires are used to gather information from the municipalities, other customers and distributors. Marketing theories and thin client literature are applied to interpret the results and form recommendations.The main arguments among the municipalities for future investments in thin client technology are simplified operations and maintenance, and cost savings. The main reasons for not investing more in thin clients previously are technological shortages and lack of a perceived need. The study estimates the maximal municipal market for thin clients to around 80,000 units per year. This paper recommends adjustments to Swedish customer behaviour and further concludes that the possibility of increased turnover and the need for more systems engineering service and support require increased human resources on the local market, or by creating more incentives for service personnel abroad. The study further suggests an increased focus on direct sales, as well as investigations of the possibility to cooperate with large IT contractors and the prospect of affecting governmental regulations on computer energy efficiency.

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