Sakta ner : åtgärder för förbättrad miljö ochtrafiksäkerhet på gator i bostadsområdeni Varberg, idékatalog ochtillämpning

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Urban and Rural Development

Abstract: Road safety is the result of measures to reduce therisk of accident and injury. (Nationalencyklopedin,2008). In principle, road safety means to arrive saveand sound.Safe traffic in cities is mainly achieved throughappropriate speed. In Sweden, more than half ofall rides happen with a speed above the legal speedlimit (Holmberg, Hydén m.fl, 1996). To reducespeed in order to increase safety requires measureswhich influence a driver’s motives for his orher choice of speed even if these are not rational(Boverket, 2002). The implementation of satisfyingand successful measures is only possible withrespect to the needs of the different target groups(Holmberg, Hydén m.fl, 1996). Streetspaces areused by children, older pedestrians, drivers, bikers,busses and many more and therefore have to beadjusted to their requirements.Speed reducing measures can be divided into fourgroups: vertical, horizontal, optical and regulating(Svenska Kommunförbundet, 2004). Oftentimes,a combination of different measures is necessaryto achieve an effective speedcontrol along a street.One single measure is rarely efficient and, in theworst case, can even lead to speed increase (SvenskaKommunförbundet, 2004).A calm traffic climate does not only contribute to ahigher safety in our streetspaces but also to an urbandevelopment with a human direction combined withdesign, land utilization etc. to plan an attractive city(Svenska Kommunförbundet, 2004). Good resultsfrom speed decreases can also be observed in areassuch as environment, the well-being of people andthe functioning of the street. If road safety is increased,people’s quality of life improves simultaneously.The streets Kastanjevägen and Köpstadsvägen inVarberg are located in two villa areas. They havemany similarities. Both streets are long, wide andtheir lanes dominate the whole room. The streets arecharacterized by good trafficability which inducesto fast driving. To accomplish a speed limit of 30km per hour, suggestions of appropriate modificationsare being made – narrow, loopy lanes withlimited sight to the oncoming traffic. This can beachieved with the help of chokers, traffic islandsand heightened medians or enlarged sidewalks. Areasthat are used by drivers, bikers and pedestrianstogether speed humps and other raised intersectionsare used. A big focus is also put on aesthetic designwith the help of vegetation and covering.

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