Development and Implementation of User Experience Interaction Guidelines

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Stina Andersson; [2012]

Keywords: Guidelines; user experience; usability;


The importance in finding components that may result in won market advantages for an organization has increased in the latest decade, as a result of the increasing competition across a range of industries. One factor that has been shown leading to efficient products and benefits in terms of time- and resource savings has been an implementation of user experience interaction guidelines, UXIG. These are guidelines with the purpose to improve the products within an organization out of a holistic perspective and increase the interaction between the product and its user, in a positive way.

This study has been conducted at GE Healthcare Life Sciences, in Uppsala, focusing at chromatography. The purpose of this study was to investigate how to create and implement UXIG at this, large, international organization – with a heterogeneous product portfolio. In order to come up with recommendations in these questions a benchmarking study, interviews and a questionnaire was made. The purpose with the interviews and questionnaire was to find out how other organizations and their employers had been acting and thinking when reasoning about these questions whereas the benchmarking study consisted of a comparison of famous UXIGs.

The result of this study shows that e.g. preparation, an overall clarity from the creators/management, a strong communication channel between the management, creators of the UXIG, its users and the users of the systems, how they are matching to the organization, their availability and structure, are important components in order to create/ develop UXIG in a successful way.

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