Secure Routing in Structured P2P Overlay : Simulating Secure Routing on Chord DHT

University essay from Mittuniversitetet/Avdelningen för informations- och kommunikationssystem

Author: Mebratu Kassahun; [2015]

Keywords: p2p; secure routing; DHT; Chord;

Abstract: Fully distributed systems offer the highest level of freedom for the users. For this reason, in today’s Internet, it is recorded that more than 50% of the packets moving in and out belong to this type of network. Huge networks of this kind are built on the top of DHTs, which follow a more structured communication compared to the other small peer-to-peer networks. Although nature always favors freedom and independ-ence, security issues force consumers to set up their network in a cen-trally controlled manner. One of security threats posed on such net-works is lookup attacks. A lookup attacks are kind of attacks which targets on disrupting the healthy routing process of the DHTs. Even though the freedom of peer-to-peer networks comes at the cost of securi-ty, it is quite attainable to make the network more secure, especially, it is quite achievable to gain performance on this level of attack according to the experiments carried out in this thesis. The secure routing techniques introduced have been found to outperform those without the techniques under investigation. The simulation performed for default Chord overly and the modified Chord, yielded interesting results, for dropper nodes, random lookup routs and colluding sub-ring attacks.

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