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  1. 1. Pressurizing of high-pressure fuel system forsingle cylinder test cell

    University essay from Karlstads universitet/Institutionen för ingenjörsvetenskap och fysik (from 2013)

    Author : Gustaf Glaad; [2019]
    Keywords : Alternative fuels; Ultra high-pressure fuel system; Common rail direct injection fuel system; Diesel-like fuels; Compression ignited fuels;

    Abstract : This master thesis covers the development of a high-pressure fuel system for compression ignitedfuels such as diesel and diesel-like fuels that will be deployed into a single cylinder test cell at AVLMTC Södertälje, Sweden. The test cell is used by AVL to conduct research and testing of new fuelsfor their customers and this new fuel system will widen the span of fuels able to be tested by theequipment. READ MORE

  2. 2. Risk Mitigation for Human-Robot Collaboration Using Artificial Intelligence

    University essay from KTH/Skolan för elektroteknik och datavetenskap (EECS)

    Author : Ahmad Istar Terra; [2019]
    Keywords : human-robot collaboration; safety analysis; risk mitigation; fuzzy logic system; reinforcement learning; and computation architecture.; människa-robotinteraktion; säkerhetsanalys; riskreducering; fuzzy logicsystem; förstärkningslärande; och beräkningsarkitektur.;

    Abstract : In human-robot collaborative (HRC) scenarios where humans and robots work together sharing the same workspace, there is a risk of potential hazard that may occur. In this work, an AI-based risk analysis solution has been developed to identify any condition that may harm a robot and its environment. READ MORE

  3. 3. STPA-Inspired Safety Analysis of Driver-Vehicle Interaction in Cooperative Driving Automation

    University essay from KTH/Skolan för industriell teknik och management (ITM)

    Author : Max Stoltz-Sundnes; [2019]
    Keywords : ;

    Abstract : Autonomous vehicles occupying public roads are becoming a reality, and the addition of cooperative functionality open up new possibilities to ensure safer and more efficient traffic solutions than today’s manual drivers ever could. However, in order to implement these systems, they need to be proven safe. READ MORE

  4. 4. Scene Recognition for Safety Analysis in Collaborative Robotics

    University essay from KTH/Skolan för elektroteknik och datavetenskap (EECS)

    Author : Shaolei Wang; [2018]
    Keywords : Scene graph; Object segmentation; Mask R-CNN; Collaborative robot; Scengraf; Objektsegmentering; Mask R-CNN; Samarbets robot;

    Abstract : In modern industrial environments, human-robot collaboration is a trend in automation to improve performance and productivity. Instead of isolating robot from human to guarantee safety, collaborative robotics allows human and robot working in the same area at the same time. READ MORE

  5. 5. On the mechanism of H2O2 decomposition on UO2-surfaces

    University essay from KTH/Skolan för kemi, bioteknologi och hälsa (CBH)

    Author : Darius Pakarinen; [2018]
    Keywords : hydrogen peroxide decomposition; uranium dissolution; coumarin scavenging;

    Abstract : Deep geological repository has been investigated as a solution for long term storage of spent nuclear fuel in Sweden for more than 40 years now. The Swedish nuclear fuel and waste management company (SKB) are commissioning the deep repository and they must ensure that nuclear waste is isolated from the environment for thousands of years. READ MORE