Querying Federations of Eiffel Event Data Repositories

University essay from Linköpings universitet/Databas och informationsteknik

Author: Jonatan Pålsson; [2020]

Keywords: ;

Abstract: The goal of this thesis was to find out if Eiffel event data could be represented in a RDF format and to be able to query this data effectively in a federation of SPARQL endpoints. The Eiffel data was created by a provided generator from the Eiffel project which the author extended in order to create links between datasets. These new datasets were then converted into RDF triples and uploaded to two separate SPARQL endpoints in Azure. Two types of SPARQL federation engine types were used to query this data, index-based and index-free. The index-based systems were not able to produce any measurable results unfortunately, however the index-free system FedX was able to. This gives proof that Eiffel data can be represented in RDF format in order for a index-free engine to query on a SPARQL federation containing datasets of this data. It is however difficult to provide proof of effectiveness without having another system to compare to.

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