Timber Tower: 10 20 30

University essay from KTH/Arkitektur

Author: Arthur Salonen; [2018]

Keywords: wood; tower;

Abstract: Timber Tower: 10 20 30 offers a conceptual structural system for tall wooden buildings. The thesis has been a noumenal design process into the subject of timber towers, where the conceptual system is designed to work in accordance with engineering concepts for tall buildings. The system uses mass timber as the primary structural material supported by embedded steel plates. The introduced system plays to the strength and weaknesses of both corresponding materials. Mass timber is used as the primary material that is designed to take care of the dead & live loads, while steel is used as a secondary material to give additional support to the vertical loads. The structural system is interpolated to three different height categories; 10, 20 & 30. The timber & steel system is designed to be prefabricated in parts and assembled on site. Other considerations also addressed in the thesis has been fire-, weather- and soundproofing of the structure.

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