Mesh Morphing Technique used with Open-Source CFD Toolbox in Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Rok Lapuh; [2018]

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Abstract: Nowadays, the product design process relies on computer simulations more than ever. Compared to the experimental tests, they allow substantially more designs to be evaluated. Moreover, computer simulations allow a search for the optimum. That is why a fast and efficient transition from one design iteration to the next is necessary.  For design evaluation in the aerospace industry, Computational Fluid Dynamics tools are used, where finite volume meshes are computationally expensive to create. Instead of recreating them for each product design during an optimisation process, it is much faster to morphone design into the next one. Here an algorithm for mesh morphing based on radial basis functions is presented. Its implementation is evaluated for mesh quality and performance. Mesh morphing of NURBS surfaces, a continuous representation of a given model geometry, together with discrete meshes is proposed next. Lastly, the implementation of the morphing algorithm is linked with a fluid flow solverand an optimisation suite. All three programs are used together to optimise a product coming from the aerospace industry.

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