Sustainable Tourism Development-An Economic Impact of Community Based-Tourism to Local Community: A case study of Amphawa Floating Market, Samutsongkhram province, Thailand

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för tjänstevetenskap

Abstract: “Amphawa” the district in Samutsongkram province where is plentiful of natural resources, local wisdoms and unique fascination of waterside living lifestyle, the area was trading and transportation hub of lower central and western part included of Thailand. Amphawa is widely well-known and people are able to define how the area was. Nowadays, technology and innovation magically shrink the world in connection and communication so tourism is considered and turns Amphawa to fully operated tourist attraction and presents indigenous identities; art, tradition and culture, through sustainable tourism concepts. The existing resources; local natural resources, people and local organization, support Amphawa to be the first night floating market in Thailand. Being tourist attraction directly influences the area and local people especially in term of economy which affects to infrastructures improvement and development that are important to living quality. An in charged organization is principal power to promote and support local products and services creation by improving and developing existing products and resources to enhance market share and offer more choices for tourists, moreover to reduce negative impacts to environment as sustainable concepts; to reach highest benefits with no negative impacts. Local people with wisdoms are focused to make unique products to support inhabitants as community-based concepts, sightseeing tour by boat is fully provided by local people including shows and performances that are performed by Amphawa’s children. At present, Amphawa is well-known and popular as continuous rising up of number of tourist and go on sustainable ways in development and improvement related factors and operations. Amphawa will be a model of floating market in every positive ways.

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