Industrial Decision Support System with Assistance of 3D Game Engine

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Institutionen för datalogi och datorsystemteknik

Author: Ming Zou; [2015]

Keywords: 3D; Decision Support; Virtual Reality; Wind Power;

Abstract: Context. Industrial Decision Support System(DSS) traditionally relies on 2D approach to visualize the scenarios. For some abstract information, like chronological sequence of tasks or data trend, it provides a good visualization. For concrete information, such as location and spatial relationships, 2D visualizations are too abstract. Techniques from Game design, 3D modeling, virtual reality(VR) and animation provides many inspiration to develop a DSS tools for industrial applications. Objectives. The work in our research was to develop a unique prototype for data visualization in wind power systems, and compare it with traditional ones. The product combined 3D VR, 2D graphics, user navigation, and Human Machine Interaction(HMI). It was developed with a game engine, Unity3D. The study explored how much usability can be improved when using applied gamificaion 3D approaches in industrial monitoring and control systems. Methods. The research methods included Literature Review, Commercial Example Analysis, Development, and Evaluation. In the evaluation phase, Systematic Usability Scale(SUS) tests were performed with two independent groups, the testing results were analyzed with statistical method, t-test. Results. The evaluation results showed that an interface developed with 3D virtual reality can provide better usability(include learnability) than traditional 2D industrial interface in wind power system. The difference between them is significant. Conclusions. The study indicates that, compared with the traditional 2D interfaces, the gamification 3D approach in industrial DSS can provide user more comprehensive information visualization, better usability and learnability . It also gives more effective interactions to enhance the user experience.

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