“Female Migrant Housing Experiences” An in-depth intersectional analysis of housing experiences for female scholars from the global south living in Gothenburg, Sweden.

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för kulturvetenskaper

Abstract: Living in Sweden is becoming far problematic for immigrants because of the fast-growing population without a correspondent increase in the construction of housing. The high demand of housing and its limited number of supplies has led to shortage and as a result price escalation. Irrespective of these shortages and price increase in the housing sector, Sweden admits and receives thousands of students yearly and this problem is affecting students especially those from the global south. The purpose of this study is to investigate the live experiences of female scholars from the global south and how housing experiences have affected them educationally, physically, emotionally and psychologically. In this research, I use the theory of intersectionality. This research is an autoethnography narrating my own housing experiences as well as other female scholars from the global south in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s looking at housing experiences from the women eyes to create consciousness of the inequalities and difficulties that these female scholars encounter. The aim of this research is to investigate how intersecting categories of gender and race shape the experiences of female scholars from the global south and how they deal with housing issues such as the struggle/lack of accommodation and the measures housing policies put in place to eradicate this problem. The analysis of this research is based on the detail investigation of the intersectional lived experiences of female scholars from the global south living in Gothenburg in relation to other literature. It also points the differences that exist among female scholars (marry, single mothers, single, exchanges students and degree students) from the global south and how this diversity shape their difference experiences and how they intersect with each other.

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