Alternative welding methods for nitrogen alloyed steel

University essay from Örebro universitet/Institutionen för naturvetenskap och teknik

Abstract: This project explores the feasibility of the solid-state welding method direct-drive friction welding to be used as a joining method for the nitrogen alloyed steel Uddeholm Vanax SuperClean, produced via processes based on powder metallurgy. Vanax SuperClean cannot be welded using fusion welding methods where the base material melts, due to nitrogen escaping the material, resulting in inferior quality welds. The cost of the material motivates the use of Vanax SuperClean for critical parts in applications, combined with a less costly material for the remaining parts, causing alternative joining methods to be examined. Vanax SuperClean is friction welded to itself and to Uddeholm steel types Stavax ESR and UHB 11. Samples are prepared for a number of examinations. Microstructures of the samples are examined using microscopy, microhardness testing is carried out per the Vickers principle, retained austenite is measured using X-ray diffraction and tensile testing of the welded samples is performed. Defect-free welds are produced in all examined samples, showing that the method is suitable for Vanax SuperClean and that no preheating or slow cooling of workpieces are necessary. The possibility of using friction stir welding as a joining method for Vanax SuperClean is discussed.

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