Supporting integration processes with social computing applications. A case of study: Kronoberg, Sweden in 2017

University essay from Linnéuniversitetet/Institutionen för samhällsstudier (SS)

Author: Diego Davila; [2019]

Keywords: Integration; Refugees; ICT; development;

Abstract: The widespread diffusion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and its integration in our day-to-day activities, has transformed our societies in different ways (Cachia, 2007).  The potential and current application of technology devices and computing applications for improving peoples’ quality life has become an important area of study for different think tanks; and subject of constant regulation and policies by governments and multilateral organizations. Thus, Benton and Glennie (2016) and Cachia et al. (2007) stress on the necessity of conducting studies on the performance of computing applications for improving people`s quality life, and for facilitating integration and inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers, in order to assess the use of ICT technologies for tackling social issues.  Due to the lack of studies oriented to assess the performance and impact of social computing applications on the integration processes of refugees in Europe; and the current importance of ICT platforms for addressing social issues, this research is designed for contributing on the debate upon the viability of implementing ICT solutions seeking to support integration processes in the region of kronoberg in Sweden.  The gap identified in the literature upon Information and Communication Technologies for Refugees (ICT4R) and social computing applications for integration, represent an opportunity for contributing with a deeper understanding about the viability and effectivity of these ICT solutions for supporting the integration process of refuges and asylum seekers in Europe. Hence, one of the most important experiences is currently implemented in Sweden, where the Migration Agency and Refugee Tech; “a non-profit organization that works to help new arrivals to orientate themselves in Swedish society” (Swedish Migration Agency, 2016), have jointed efforts to support and to give visibility to all computing applications designed for helping refugees and asylum seekers in the country.     

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