Efficiency within shared service centers -Case study of Volvo Financial Services

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Abstract: Background and problem description: Today, within a core‐business of a company there areestablished tools in order to measure effectiveness and productivity in the form of financialand non‐financial performance measures. Regarding the internal aid processes within acompany are considerably more difficult to measure with traditional economic terms. Inorder to measure the effectiveness of an aid process, companies must focus on models thatinclude both financial non‐financial performance measures.Purpose: The aim of the study is to examine which measures are applicable in order toevaluate the effectiveness of aid processes. It is also to find a mix of concrete tools in orderto create or increase the effectiveness.Delimitations: The focus of the essay is on the tools of management accounting that canmeasure and create effective processes. Reward‐systems lay outside the essay's boundaries.iiiMethodology: In order to increase our knowledge of the subject and to create a theoreticalframework, we have studied literature and research articles. The empirical research consistsof a case study based on an in‐depth interview.Empirical results and conclusions: By creating the shared service center, companies take thefirst step to a cost efficient business. In connecting to the first step, companies shouldautomate and standardize the processes and activities at the same time as involving andmotivating the employees.Proposals to further research: We have elucidated the activity within an aid process in aspecific company. In order to confirm the study's validity, a similar study on another aidprocess within another company is desirable. We also suggest the subject to findstandardized performance indexes for similar processes that companies can measure andbenchmark against the average of a group of companies.

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