Attitude Towards a Humoristic Advertisement and Brand Attitude an International Perspective

University essay from Luleå/Institutionen för ekonomi, teknik och samhälle

Author: Sandra Bylund; Fredrik Wallin; [2014]

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Abstract: More and more companies are trying to globalize to increase their sales. One important factor to succeed in a new country is to create the kind of advertisement that is suitable for the new country. A lot of money is spent on advertising in the world and a lot of these are spent on humoristic advertising even though it is not supported that humor is effective in creating good attitudes towards an advertisement. While companies trying to globalize it is good to know how the humoristic appeals the consumer in the new country.

This thesis purpose is to find out how the relation between humor and advertising and brand attitude can be described. The study was conducted through a multi-case study where six people in total were interviewed, three interviewees per case. The data that was collected suggests that consumer´s mood is a part of the attitude towards the advertisement, although it is more connected to the perceived humor. The humoristic presentation and similarities with other advertisements was also determinants for the attitude towards the advertisement in the way that the perceived humor was obviously American. The attitude towards the brand was shown to be affected by the beliefs about brand cognitions but also by the environment. To be able to reach out to the target market the company needs to create an attractive environment for that segment.