The Impact of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction in Hotel Business Development : Correlation Between Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality

University essay from Karlstads universitet

Abstract: This research aimed to study the correlation between customer satisfaction and service quality in the hotel business. It also outlines the significance of understanding customer satisfaction and how customers distinguish service delivery. Customers have changed prospects based on their consideration of service or product quality. This factor is an indication that a customer determines the quality of service in the hotel industry. Also, the five-dimensional aspects of service quality (empathy, reliability, tangibles, responsiveness, and service assurance) impact service quality and customer satisfaction. This research empirically studied the connection between service quality and customer satisfaction in Best Western Princess Hotel in Norrköping, Sweden. Out of the 100 questionnaires sent to respondents, a total of 80 questionnaires were returned. This data, therefore, formed the basis for our analysis. The study entailed the use of qualitative descriptive research. Open-ended questionnaires were used for data collection. The statistics were coded and analysed using the statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) software. The study also contains appropriate recommendations similar to conclusions regarding the research problem. Evaluation of the outcomes shows that responsiveness, empathy, assurance, and reliability significantly influence customer satisfaction hence determining the nature of services provided. This research indicates a close correlation between service quality, the five-dimensional aspects, and customer satisfaction.    

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