Utilization of Horizontal-Axis Tidal Stream Turbines As a Main Power Supply System On Offshore Remote Oil&Gas Platforms

University essay from KTH/Skolan för industriell teknik och management (ITM)

Abstract: The master's thesis contains 97 pages, 29 tables, 33 figures and 43 sources of literature. The paper presents a study on increasing the efficiency of the power supply of remote offshore oil and gas facilities through the use of horizontal-axial tidal stream turbines. A general theoretical description of floating semi-submersible drilling rigs and a more detailed description of semi-submersible drilling unit 6000/200 type "Shelf" are presented. A theoretical description of various devices that transform the kinetic energy of water into electric power is also presented, and horizontal-axial tidal stream turbines are considered in more detail. The technical calculation for determining the parameters of turbines is carried out. The calculation was used for the case where one or several turbines are used. Economic analysis was carried out with different indicators, namely: the price of diesel fuel, the price of equipment, the load factor of hydro generators, the discount rate and the productivity of the drilling unit. An analysis of the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions was also carried out. Conclusions were presented on the effectiveness of the introduction of this method of energy supply.

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