Utformning av ett effektivt administratörsverktyg

University essay from Lunds universitet/Högskoleingenjörsutbildning i datateknik

Abstract: Abstract Resurs Bank provides various online services to retail stores. Accessing the services require authentication. The retail employee privileges are managed through a web application by administrators at Resurs Bank. The application needs improvement since it is lacking in functionality. Among other issues, the administrator is not given any feedback when making changes which lead to insecurities when using the application. Another desired function is the ability to manage multiple users. An evaluation was made through observation sessions combined with open-ended interview questions in order to establish the most common administrator tasks. The tasks were mapped in flowcharts and a mock-up application was presented to the Resurs Bank supervisors before implementing the most effective workflow. By performing the common tasks with the new application the efficiency improvements were measured. An example of quantitative data measured was the amount of context switches between the mouse and keyboard. The experienced improvements were communicated through interviews with the administrators. Some of the improvements found when comparing the legacy application with the new application were: - Creating, adding and deleting n users to a specific store “costs” 49n + 29 units based on the obtained quantitative values. With the new application the corresponding cost is 16n + 5, an improvement of 68 % given a large amount of users. - The qualitative improvements returned by the test sessions showed that the user interface was more intuitive. This was due to a self-explanatory interface with color-coded feedback, such as green for successful operations and red for deletion and errors. Visual feedback was implemented in the new application through the use of a color-theme combined with clear messages and instant form-validation. Animations were added to reassure the user of application activity and any changes made. Workflow was improved by implementing an efficient search-box, providing more functionality in each page, and adding the support for managing multiple users. The new application was deployed at Resurs Bank alongside the legacy application. Some additional work needs to be done before replacing the legacy application. In conclusion, the results show an improvement in both user experience and application efficiency.

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