SimPad - a drawing-based modeling tablet web application to support science education

University essay from Malmö högskola/Fakulteten för teknik och samhälle (TS)

Abstract: With the increase of use with tablet computers comes new ways of interaction butalso new possibilities for learning. This creates a challenge for designers to create aviable interaction design. In this research, a set of interaction design guidelines andinteraction qualities are identi ed. Speci cally when designing natural user interfacesfor drawing-based modeling on tablet devices to support learning. The existingtablet computer manufacturer design guidelines are reviewed. Additionally, a webbasedtablet prototype designed and developed using an iterative design approachconsisting of design and creation coupled with design-based research and interactiondesign. The prototype is evaluated with eight representative end-users at a middleschoolin southern Sweden using a usability evaluation that is recorded with videoand analyzed through a signi cant event analysis. The results show that users enjoyworking with the prototype and they think that it can help them in their learning.The results also shows guidelines and a ordances for interaction design of interfacesfor drawing-based modeling tablet applications. The reasoning behind identifyingguidelines and a ordances is to provide researchers, designers, and others with themeans to minimize problems that may arise in the design of their own drawing-basedmodeling tools for education.

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