Monitoring software usage and usage behaviour based on SaaS data: case Gemini Water portfolio

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Datorteknik

Abstract: Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms paired with cloud-based storage is a common schema used among software providers across the globe. Such solutions usually accumulate vast amounts of usage and usage behaviour data. Utilizing this data in the form of monitoring solutions can potentially generate great value for both software users and software providers. Swedish authorities have taken a restrictive standpoint against incorporating cloud-based storage solutions into software used in the public sector. The project aims to identify a practical and reusable way of utilizing cloud data and to demonstrate to Swedish authorities how cloud-based storage models can be beneficial. The case of this project is the SaaS solution Gemini Portal+, a water and sewage management solution. The end result was a monitoring module to Gemini Portal+ where users can view the digital maturity of their Gemini Portal+ usage. The digital maturity is conveyed in an easily digested manner, with concrete and actionable information on how to increase digital maturity. The result has passed the requirements and stakeholders are satisfied with the result.

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