Knowledge about type 2 diabetes mellitus among public health students in Thailand

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för folkhälso- och vårdvetenskap

Abstract: Background: Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is a welfare disease increasing with such a high rate that it, in popular speech, is being called epidemic. To prevent the spread of this disease, future health care workers are in need of a deeper, science-based education. Purpose: The aim of this study is to research the knowledge about T2DM regarding risk factors, nutrition, activity and foot hygiene among public health students at Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand. Method: A cross-sectional study was made using a questionnaire. A convenience sampling of public health students were approached and 121 decided to participate. Results: The majority of the students knew that obesity and an unhealthy diet (containing a high amount of fat, sugar and fast food) was correlated with T2DM and associated with negative outcomes of the disease. The students were uncertain or had less knowledge that smoking is a risk factor (79%). The greater part of the participants (73%) thought that people with T2DM should let their feet air dry. 74% of the respondents underestimated the amount of time that was needed to exercise per week to achieve positive results and 63% of the students were dissatisfied with their education regarding T2DM. Conclusion: Although the students overall had good knowledge about T2DM, they also showed a lot of uncertainty and insufficient knowledge in several questions. This was especially distinguished in the questions regarding activity, foot hygiene and risk factors.

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