Building an Landscape in Yogyakarta, Indonesia : -A study of Ecological planning for Building and Landscape.

University essay from JTH, Byggnadsteknik

Abstract: The objective with this final thesis is to show how to work and help as an engineer by an ecological planning for building and landscape in an Asian and Muslim country like Indonesia. The qualitative working method that was used highlights the importance of field trips and free structured interviews. Talking to the people involved and seeing the specific areas gives understanding you can not get by studying literature.   The importance of all the work areas in the process of exploiting an area formulates the problem. This is later investigated and practiced in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and was encourage by the SIDA scholarship “MFS”. Indonesia is a big country divided in 17500 islands but there are more that are different to Sweden. The author describes the unwritten rules, religions and the climate difference and also the working process for work and study on Java in Indonesia. The main part shows and explains the result; a proposal on how an existing student accommodation in the city Yogyakarta in Indonesia could be renewed with an ecological plan for its building and landscape. Conclusions and thoughts are made by the author about the possibilities for the future. Potential exchange of knowledge, labor and other services should be made between schools in Sweden and Indonesia and also help-organizations.

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