Evaluating the implementation of SAFe with focus on test and quality

University essay from Lunds universitet/Institutionen för datavetenskap

Abstract: Today it gets more and more popular for companies to implement Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) in their organizations. SAFe is an agile software development framework that intends to increase productivity and quality, and provide faster time to market. A company that works in a waterfall based development process, is now facing this implementation. The company would like to know which challenges other companies have when implementing SAFe and how they have solved these challenges. Especially they want to know what challenges and changes there are in test and quality when implementing SAFe. With this knowledge, the company can be more prepared if they face similar challenges during their own implementation. In this thesis work 17 different companies have been interviewed about their experience of implementing SAFe. Results from the interviews were compiled and analyzed to see if there were any similarities between the companies’ characteristics and their answers. The analysis resulted in a clear difference in answers between companies with many people involved in SAFe and the companies with fewer people involved in SAFe. It also resulted in some best practices on how to solve the most general challenges that companies have when implementing SAFe. The analysis also gives companies some best practices on how to change their test process and how to work efficiently with test and quality in SAFe. A final overall analysis was made and it resulted in some guidelines for companies that are going to implement SAFe.

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