Cross-Cultural Management: : In case of Germans and Indians working at BOSCH Ltd., Bangalore, India

University essay from Högskolan i Gävle/Avdelningen för ekonomi

Author: Mekdes Teklemariam; [2020]

Keywords: ;

Abstract: Aim: This study investigates what cultural difference exists between India and Germany and how cross-cultural management is addressed in the German company BOSCH in India.    Methodology: A qualitative method is used in this research study. The Study is conducted by assessing different kinds of primary and secondary data. The questionnaire was the main source of primary data. 18 Indian employees and 2 German managers that work in the German BOSCH company located in Bangalore, India have filled out the Questionnaire. Few interviews via Skype have been conducted for further clarification. The secondary sources used were company websites, archives, previous studies on similar subject matter, and country profiles of Germany and India.   Result & Conclusions: Through interviews with the Indian and German employees and going over previously written literature on Culture,Cultural dimensions,Cross Cultural management and Cross cultural team, analyzing the empirical findings with the literature reviews,the author of this study have come to the conclusion that there is a siginfican cultural diffrence between India and Germany. And a tailored Cross-cultural management must be designed to address the cultural difference that are observed. By doing so BOSCH can achive retaining of  employees,  manage frustration of German managers and accelerate innovation.   Suggestions for Future Research: Business are being done globally and remote working is becoming a trend. Managing a Cross cultural team working remotely can be challenging. There is a gap in studies about how culture affects people’s communication while working remotely and how it affects performance. Such a study can be helpful by providing insight on how Cross-cultural team working remotely should be managed.   Keywords: Culture, Cross-cultural management, Cultural dimensions, Individuality, Cross-cultural teams

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