Driving Strategic Transformation : Case of Service Delivery in Telecom Industry

University essay from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola/Sektionen för management


The aim of this paper is to sketch out a proposal for master thesis in the area management control. This thesis focuses on how managers should use the management control systems to enforce strategic transformation. These ideas are currently subject of academic and industrial research. As theoretical and practical foundation, this thesis will be inspiring for project oriented corporate specializing in service delivery especially in the field of Telecom sector. Considering today’s global rivalry, with continuous emerging complex projects, relating matrix organizations and customers, alongside with human factors drawn in; makes Service Delivery companies particularly unstable. In the era of information technology the service delivery companies are subject to continuous strategic transformation to be able to create sustainable competitive advantages and stay in the business. [1] framework is used as starting point of this paper. This framework proposes two excessive points of reference to categorize management control systems i.e. interactive versus analytical systems and level of management control. This thesis intends developing two novel ideas; firstly, that the framework of interpretation could be dragged out to cover parameters such as control system, and incentive system, management tool, and organizational structure; secondly, it investigates how these parameters would link up rationally in a combined manner. The organizational factor arises from the literature on project management that bringing together the issues for driving new product lines and related service deliveries. Management literature on control systems has inspired the idea of the tool for supporting a smooth strategic transformation. Among other things, it stresses the importance of matrix coordination for the service delivery organizations. Furthermore incentive factor could take part in enforcing transformation on strategic level even healthier. As a foundation for empirical study, a case study has been performed to explore the significance of above mentioned management control method. The studies represent several years of research with focus of strategic transformations. The studies suggested how these transformations were setup and interpreted in a framework of above mentioned parameters. A more efficient arrangement would contribute to a better interactive and analytical features. This approach, which is characterized for service delivery organizations, tenders an gripping idea to be explored in future researches.

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