Analysis on fashion design entrepreneurship: Challenges and supporting models

University essay from Högskolan i Borås/Textilhögskolan (THS)

Author: Elisa Kurz; [2010-10-11]

Keywords: entrepreneurship; fashion design; company foundation;

Abstract: Entrepreneurship in the fashion industry is a substantial issue since the fashionbusiness landscape consists of many small actors that compete on the fashion market.On their way to a distinct position in the textile and fashion world, many fashion designentrepreneurs, who start up an own label, are confronted with personal challenges anda multitude of external obstacles. These companies need a structured venture launchand strong business foundations to survive the always troublesome first years of a newentrepreneurial venture. To run a sustained venture within the apparel industry may bemore complex and demanding than one would believe. In the fashion sector severalconcepts exist in order to support entrepreneurial companies’ growth. Three selectedsupportive concepts received by fashion entrepreneurs at early stage have beenexamined and analysed. The supportive models are business incubators for creativeentrepreneurs, the partnership of a designer and business partner and the concept ofan external professional management.

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