The Digitalization of Omvärlden : a qualitative content analysis of a magazine

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informatik och media

Abstract: The journalistic field is facing a paradigm shift with the digitalization of offline publications. This research aims to study the Swedish magazine Omvärlden, who since January 2015 has completely converted to an online magazine. The research aims to understand how this digitalization process has affected the content of Omvärlden and if it still upholds classic journalistic quality. Thus the research question is ”how has the digitalization of the magazine Omvärlden affected the journalistic content published on their digital platforms? ”. A qualitative content analysis was performed and the data was anchored in the concept of news form. The analysis was conducted in three steps; 1) comparing the offline magazine with the online magazine, 2) comparing collected data from one single day, June 5th 2017, from all of Omvärlden’s digital platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and and finally 3) following an article and comparing how the story is shaped in each digital platform. The results pointed in several directions indicating that the content is indeed adapted to the various digital channels but to different extent. Classic journalistic logics intertwine with digital logics as the content is shaped and re-shaped depending on the platform of publication. The content is both fragmented and adjusted to social and digital media logics. On the other hand, it is also coherent and in accordance with classic journalistic content and news form . Due to the ever changing media environment the research shows journalistic content will have to adapt to several media logics when shaping the content. 

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