Prostitution/ Sex work in Sweden and Germany : A Study of Former Research

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Teologiska institutionen

Abstract: This thesis deals with part of the current research about prostitution/ sex work in Sweden and Germany. While prostitution/ sex work is partly criminalized in Sweden, the German law is currently designed to improve the legal situation of prostitutes/ sex worker. Both countries offer a different range of research on the topic with Sweden having several scholars who focused their research on the field compared to rather little research in Germany. Assistant Professor at the Social Work Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Lara Gerassi, argues that besides the general lack of research on the field of prostitution/ sex work, the research that exists focuses more on the macro level perspectives and leaves the micro level with not a lot of research. Existing research, she claims, then shows little empirical support. The thesis will conclude that there is indeed too little research in both countries, especially within the micro level perspective and that the field needs an increased amount of research to help understand the field better and to be able to adapt the laws and regulations according to the needs. 

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