Brand Building in New Ventures. A subconscious process or an integrated activity?

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Abstract: Purpose:The purpose of this research is to examine how new ventures use branding in their start-up development process. Since branding is a broad area, the research is narrowed down to branding processes for companies in the B2C industry. I aim to understand the processes of the companies whereas the research is of exploratory nature.Research question:How do start-ups use branding in their start-up development process?Methodology:The methodology chosen to carry out this research is characterized by an inductive research strategy. A qualitative research method is applied through semi-structured interviews. The chosen paradigm for this master thesis is interpretative, which is based on questioning whether the organization exists in any real sense beyond the conceptions of social actors or notFindings:Entrepreneurial branding activities are very different from activities in established lager firms. It can be concluded that the process of entrepreneurial branding is a unique process dependent on what sector the company operates in, what type of company it is and the overall attitude towards branding. It is safe to say that branding is an iterative process where companies weave back and forth between activities with the aim to create brand recognition and brand awareness. It is proven that companies has the aim to align the strategic vision, organizational culture and the corporate images on the market in order to achieve success.

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