Postmaterialism in a Materialist Country - An ideal type analysis of the political culture among protesters in contemporary Russia

University essay from Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Abstract: The following thesis investigates political culture in Russia, focusing on the attendants in the protests for fair elections between 2011-2013. The study grounds in the ambivalent Russian youth that on the one hand are described as Putin’s ‘puppets’, and on the other hand are the main actors in protests against electoral fraud and corruption. The thesis focuses further in identifying support for postmaterialistic values and beliefs expressed within the protest movement. To study political culture among the protesters two polar types have been used in terms of a postmaterialistic position and a materialistic position. An extensive postmaterialistic development in Russia would give support for a positive outlook for the future development of a strong civil society, which continuously is one of the keys to a stable democracy. The study shows that the political culture has postmaterialistic tendencies but also that the protesters were significantly careful with explicitly express encouragement in their attitude towards democracy.

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