Simply Cooking - an interaction design project for children aged 8-12

University essay from Malmö högskola/Kultur och samhälle

Abstract: The skill of cooking a meal from start to end is becoming a stressful every day activity in many homes in Denmark. Less and less parents focus on including their children in preparing dinner because they see it as a time-consuming activity that the child would rather be left out of. In this paper we examine the importance of teaching children how to cook from a young age as well as we investigate in why it can seem like such a big task for them to actually get started with cooking. The study focuses on how to develop an interactive tablet and smartphone application that provides children with an explorative platform for them to develop their cooking skills on. The detailed process of developing a simple tablet/smartphone application is explored in order to arrive at an understand of the challenges children face when cooking, how we encourage them to cook and how we facilitate them with the best possible options for this. By doing several explorative workshops and studying previous research about how children learn, understand and explore their creativity, we arrive at an understanding of the challenges, limits and benefits there would be with an application like this.

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