Internationalization strategy choice for micromultinationals: a development framework

University essay from KTH/Industriell Management

Abstract: Micro-multinational is a relatively new term and there are still very few studies about how micromultinationals choose their foreign entry market modes when internationalizing. This thesis attempts to add new knowledge filling the gap between the internal resources of a company and the foreign entry market mode selected for its internationalization process. Furthermore, a systematic methodology that combines internal resources with the selection of the foreign entry market mode will be developed with the goal of aligning the competitive advantages of the company along its international structure. The methodology that this research employs will show how to combine the internal resources of the case study company and its needs when internationalizing based on the characteristics of each foreign entry market mode. The first step of the methodology is determining the variables that categorize each foreign entry market mode that companies implement. Then, the application of the Resource-based View will show the possible competitive advantages of the case study company. Lastly, accounting for the requirements that the case study company has when internationalizing, the possible competitive advantages, derived from the Resource-based View, will be combined with the characteristics of each foreign entry market mode to determine effective recommendations for the case study company to implement in its internationalization strategy. The results of this research show that when a company wants to enter into a foreign market, it should evaluate that decision based on its internal resources. Only then will the company be able to exploit its competitive advantages and be successful in the new market. The decision to internationalize is influenced by requirements such as the level of control, commitment, risk and flexibility that the parent company is willing to have in the new foreign market. Hence, these requirements must be taken into consideration carefully during the entire decision process.

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