Spenarnas kondition i automatiska mjölkningssystem : en studie av två spensprayer

University essay from SLU/Dept. of Clinical Sciences

Abstract: Two post milkning teat dips (PMTD´s) were compared in an automatic milking system at Kungsängen Research Farm, owned by SLU (Swedish University of Agriculture) in Uppsala. In the experiment an evaluation system was used where teat condition regarding skin and teat ends was graded according to a scale where 1 was the best score and 5 the worst. The evaluation period was almost six months in total devided into four minor experimental periods. The technician scoring the teats did not know which PMTD that was currently used. Statistical analysis showed a significant difference between the two PMTD´s regarding teat skin condition, but not regarding teat ends. Trends within eperimental periods also suggested that one PMTD was preferable compared to the other as teat skin condition improved the longer that period lasted.

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