Enhancing the security of an audit log

University essay from Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för informationsteknologi

Author: Kristoffer Smedlund; [2018]

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Abstract: In todays society data breaches have become an all too common issue. Insecure databases allows intruders to access sensitive data. This thesis examines how to enhance the security of a relational database. The database is used as an audit log in a system platform at LeanOn AB. The security enhancements are made by implementing cryptographic hash sums to ensure that the data in the database can’t be altered without detection, and by implementing symmetric cryptography to ensure that only authorized people can read and write the data. Some basic security features that the database management system provides are also used. The thesis project resulted in a database with an enhanced security compared to the old database design. This did however come at the cost of performance as the new design significantly lowered the scalability of the database.

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