An Analysis of Geospatial Factors in Medium Voltage Grid Distribution Network Routing

University essay from KTH/Skolan för industriell teknik och management (ITM)

Author: Chaitanya Tendolkar; [2019]

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Abstract: To provide electricity access to the population currently deprived of it, is one of the sustainable development goals. Although the number is decreasing and is below 1 billion people without access to electricity for the first time in the year 2017, there is still much to be done. At the current rate of electrification an additional approximately 550 million people of those deprived now would have access to electricity by the year 2030, but 650million would still be without electricity access. This report studies the spatial factors that affect how MV network expansion occurs. The motivation for this report comes from studying previous research work using GIS and studying the Open Source Spatial Electrification Tool (OnSSET) which is developed by the division of Energy Systems Analysis at KTH. The objective of this tool is to aid electrification planning by examining options ranging from national grid expansion to off-grid resources such as solar, wind, hydro based on spatial analysis of data. The study is conducted into two parts. First by undertaking a literature review of relevant GIS based electrification and utility planning articles, to identify the factors that contribute to the costs of grid network extension. Thereafter, existing grid networks in Malawi, Nigeria and Uganda have been analyzed to examine the correlation to the different factors identified in the literature review. A qualitative comparison is conducted between the different countries to aid the development of spatial analysis tools such as OnSSET. The observations made studying the countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa region are noted down in the results section depicting similarities in planning and implementation of the grid network. Finally, necessary suggestions are made that might supplement and help the efforts in geospatial electrification network planning tools like OnSSET. The differences between literature review and practical geospatial analysis tools is also mentioned including the challenges faced during this thesis.

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