Understanding The Startup Studio Incubation Model

University essay from Göteborgs universitet/Graduate School

Abstract: Over the past few years, thanks to the rise of a substantial figure of startup unicorns including: DollarShave Club, Zalando, Jumia, DeliveryHero and HelloFresh , “ Startup Studios ” have emergedvigorously into the startup scene, as a vital incubation tool to support startups and promoteentrepreneurship. However, due to the infancy of the startup studio incubation model, the divergencein the way each startup studio organizes itself, and the lack of academic research regarding startupstudios, the concept of the startup studio incubation model has always been blurry, indistinct andconfusing.Thus, the aim of this research is to provide a well-structured, distinctive and comprehensiveunderstanding of the startup studio incubation model. For this purpose, the study utilizes the threefundamental dimensions of startup incubation theoretical framework, as the research main tool toinvestigate, highlight, describe and differentiate the startup studio incubation model from other startupincubation models.The thesis is designed as a multiple case exploratory study, and includes three cases of startupincubation models from Sweden, a startup studio, a startup incubator and a startup accelerator. It isbased on both qualitative primary data collected through semi-structured interviews, and secondarydata that includes websites and relevant documents. Moreover, the thesis presents an extensiveliterature review of the startup studio incubation model.The empirical findings of the study provide a clear and distinctive description of the startup studioincubation model in terms of the three fundamental dimensions of incubation: infrastructure , businesssupport and access to networks , and illustrate the distinctive differences between startup studios,incubators and accelerator with regards to the three fundamental dimensions of startup incubation.

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