A Pilot Study on Chinese Gestural Feedback

University essay from IT-universitetet i Göteborg/Tillämpad informationsteknologi

Abstract: How to interpret and use gestural feedback in a more effective and friendly way inhuman-human and human-computer interactions has become an issue for bothlanguage and technology researchers. In this study, functional analyses of Chinesegestural feedback (mainly head movement, facial expression, hand movement,shoulder movement, and posture) and its relation to vocal-verbal feedback inInteractive Communication Management has been carried out comparingChinese-Chinese and Chinese-Swedish informal dyadic dialogues. Three researchquestions have been studied. First, what are features of Chinese gestural feedback?Second, are there any gender differences? Third, do Chinese people use differentgestural feedback in mono-cultural and intercultural interactions? It has been foundthat Chinese feedback was mostly expressed simultaneously by gestural andvocal-verbal means, and gestural feedback conveyed various emotions and attitudes.Chinese females were more expressive in terms of using feedback gestures, and theyshowed relatively higher communicative intelligibility in accomplishing CUPE/A.More feedback gestures were used in intercultural interactions. The results can beexploitable in practice, such as business consulting, personal marketing,video-conferencing, and animated agents’ synthesis.

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